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Friday, 23 December 2011


Today, it snowed.   I crane my neck and rub condensation from the window pane. The lake has frozen overnight and a small group congregates to observe skaters. A mother and daughter pick their way across. Aged about five years or so, the child clad in woollen hat and scarf peers up and smiles, seeking her mother’s hand for guidance. Soon, an instructor and his student arrive.  A teenage girl, long legged and agile captivates the crowd’s interest and they watch a routine of such complexity, punctuated with pirouettes that most would consider impossible.  The instructor observes and occasionally gives direction, his student clearly appreciates that she has much to learn. Later, an elderly couple set off across the ice. They have perfect balance, with no fear of falling.  Perhaps they’ve visited the lake many times and are reacquainting an old friendship. They glide to the other side where a trestle table has been laid and hot beverages are served.

I light the fire and prepare for my visitor.  Ameline is returning today from Morocco. Tall and slender, her raven hair flows down her back like an inky water fall.  Eloquent and well travelled, the walls of the cabin are bedecked with her souvenirs. I cast a glance at a Kabuki mask from Japan, glass beads from Venice and a rare book embellished in gold, its words a rich treasury – sent from a remote region of Ethiopia.

I wonder what souvenir she will bring me this time?  Pondering her free spiritedness, and her pursuit of beauty in all things, I compose a poem:-

Shamal wind blown in time.
Caressing maiden’s hair.
Pure beauty of the heart.
Truth beyond compare.

Scarlet robe ankle chain.
Tinkling sweet love chime.
Daisy chain, rhythmic force.
Yield to alloyed rhyme.

Footsteps cross cobble stones.
Awake to carousel dreams.
Whirling dervish casting light.
Revolving sun ray beams.

Wisdom books spirit soul.
Some mark time’s place.
Others engage eternal path.
Melting hearts leave no trace.

Returning from the kitchen with a steaming cup of hot chocolate in my favourite mug, I sip the soothing elixir and look beyond the frosted glass.  The skaters have gone, except the statuesque girl and her mentor.  The sun scatters star bursts on ice, diamonds at play with no thought of time or tide. 

Observing the skaters today, it is clear that humankind can co-exist harmoniously.  There is a deep connection between every living thing and nature is our guide.   However, the talent we possess is not enough, effort must be expended to refine and this can be achieved by seeking teachers whose aim is to guide with no desire other than to serve.   To seek knowledge then pause for a while is a lesson in futility. The Universe does not rest from its toil. Please be aware that one day you may awake in a frozen lake of consciousness.    There is no time to slumber. Be hopeful that the impending storm may pass and leave you unscathed.  However, be not fearful or perturbed – the LOVE you possess in your heart, can melt ice and restore beauty to the soul. 

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