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Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Winter is setting in thick and fast in Scotland and poets and writers have much to do - chopping texts, foraging for heart warming poetry to cheer the chilliest hearts, and feeding the imagination. Thoughts sometimes drift to a log cabin set in thick woodland. Visualise your perfect retreat, use your senses to evoke perfection and let your heart guide you through its interior. Perhaps you light a fire then relax in a old battered armchair. What do you see from the window? However you illustrate your imagination - let the subconscious take over for a while, and your concerns and cares will dissolve.  

Log Cabin

There is a cabin in a wood
where artists come to rest.
Knocking sounds, alerting ears.
Stacatto call to Earth. 

Said, it’s where an angel lived.  
He painted ancient trees.
Tools of Heav’n shaped by hand.
Carving Memories.

Pallet, easel and glass jars.
Rainbows swirl in synch.
Canvas life on new plain
Rites indelible ink.

Key turns, lock is loosed

Rhythmic oars, rowing boat. 
Steeped among the sand. 
Glinting green shimmer eye.
Coolly held in hand.

Eagle swoops o’er lake.
Petals twist. Autumn breeze.
Roots creak.
Hearts wake.

What is this source of light?
Many seekers ask.
Spirit spark; ancient forge.
Remnant of the past.

© Phyllis Anderson 2011


  1. Dear Phyllis:
    What a delight to read your Poetry, so Beautiful, so filled with your Talent and inspiration, I'm so proud and honored to be considered by you as a Friend.
    Jorge Angel

  2. Wow...I felt the cozyness...what an interesting abiity, to be taken to such a place of comfort and safety...........x

  3. Very nice,two weeks in January will do me.