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Friday, 11 November 2011


Eleven Eleven.  It’s a unique day, and not often written in word form.  It’s a new start, a time for Living Living not “of the day” but “with the day” – you are the builder of your dreams, there are no obstacles only opportunities to learn - and to laugh as often as you can.   

I recently tutored a Poetry Workshop and the theme was Autumn, which is a perfect Season for Poetry as it’s a time for reflection, preparation for the onset of Winter, and of course to look forward to the festivities which are currently being mixed in a great vat, scented with cinnamon and ginger.

The object you choose for the focus of your poem i.e. a leaf has to do something and be going somewhere, otherwise it merely trickles to the forest floor and dies. 

I asked students to choose a mode of transport and the choice was as follows:

Magic Carpet
On foot

To create a rich journey, I then asked the group to incorporate each of their physical senses (visual, hearing, touch, smell, taste), mode of transport used, and somewhere you might be travelling to and from. 

I choose a magic carpet. Leaving my log cabin for a while, I'm elevated above deep forest, seeking adventure in the Arabian desert, setting down under a vast canopy embellished with stars, marvelling at the magnificence of sand dunes while desert caravans pass silently into the night. Sirocco's gentle embrace wakes me alert and in a moment my senses are chilled by the sea's roar and the shrieking of breakers, I watch stallions dancing in the tide. The following are a few of my suggestions. Remember; poetry has no rules (unless you seek these), and is powered only by your imagination. 

 Magic carpets need no brakes.
Soaring, fearless leaping hearts.

Sapphire night, studded with stars.
Jewel hued dreams of Arabian skies.

Gallant galloping horses, in life’s tide.
Surfing breakers, hurricane ride.  

Quote of the day: 

Albert Einstein said this.  “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand”.

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